The beaches of Praiano offer crystal clear sea, wonderful views, romantic sunsets and all the services you need. The two local beaches are Marina di Praia and Gavitella (in the hamlet of Vettica Maggiore), from which you can admire a breathtaking sunset being able to enjoy the sunlight until sunset.
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How about a kayak ride to Positano or a boat trip to Capri?
From Marina di Praia there are several options and companies available to set out to discover the coast by sea and to visit its hidden caves starting from the Caves of Suppraiano and the Grotta dell’Africana in Praiano itself up to the Emerald Grotto between Amalfi and Conca. of the Marines.


If you are passionate about nature trails and have decided to come on holiday to Praiano, don’t forget to pack your hiking shoes!
From Praiano it is possible to take the PATH OF THE GODS, one of the most beautiful nature trails in the world that connects Bomerano (fraction of Agerola) to Nocelle (fraction of Positano):
at about 600 meters above sea level, between rocky landscapes and Mediterranean scrub, proceeding along the route the panorama of breathtaking beauty will give you a unique experience.
Another walk that is worth taking is the LEMONS PATH, 9 km from Maiori to Ravello, along which you can admire the coast along panoramic terraces that host the cultivation of the famous local lemons, including the typical variety of the area. , the sfusato from Amalfi.


Your holiday in Praiano will be an opportunity not only to taste the best dishes of Mediterranean cuisine, but even to cook them! There are several cooking classes organized to teach how to cook traditional coastal dishes – such as fresh pasta – and wine and limoncello tastings.


Thanks to its position between Positano and Amalfi, Praiano is a convenient starting point for discovering the most beautiful places on the coast.
In the direction of Naples, Sorrento is only 22 km away; towards Salerno the unmissable stages of the coast follow one after the other: the fjord of Furore at 4.5 km, Conca dei Marini at 7 km, the Cathedral of Amalfi at 11 km, the small Atrani at 11 km, Ravello and its panoramas at 17.5 km, Minori at 15 km, Maiori at 17 km, Erchie at 25km, Cetara (famous for its anchovy sauce) at 26 km and the characteristic Vietri sul mare at 30 km.
From Praiano you can comfortably leave with your car, rent a scooter or opt for a boat tour to discover the coast … you just have to choose between an organized tour or a do-it-yourself itinerary, move by sea or by land (a pity not to be able to fly!).


All the villages along the coast are connected by the state road 163 called “the Amalfi”, one of the most beautiful panoramic roads in the world. Fifty kilometers of curves overlooking the sea, along which various villages emerge like cribs perched on the rock.

By car

If you intend to visit the coast in winter, the car is certainly the best way to get around. But if you want to spend your summer here, you should know that traffic and parking difficulties could often be your travel companions, especially during rush hours and on weekends.
If you arrive by car from outside the region, you can always think of leaving it in the Naples airport car park or in the car park that is most convenient for you and then reach the coast by public transport (see How to get to Praiano). Don’t want to give up on your car? Then we recommend driving prudence and a parking pass.

By Bus

In summer, public transport is a convenient alternative to the car. The SitaSud bus line by land connects all the villages of the coast ( The rides are quite frequent even if often the departure and arrival times may undergo slight changes due to traffic. There are different rates depending on the duration of the ticket. In any case, remember to buy it before getting on the bus, because it is not possible to do it on board!

By boat or ferry

If you want to avoid traffic and enjoy the view of the coast from the sea, you can choose to move between one village and another by renting a boat or getting on a ferry. It won’t be the cheapest way but it’s definitely worth it.
Ferries between the cities of the Amalfi coast are in operation from the first days of April until the end of October. Just go to the port and choose one of the companies present. From Praiano the nearest ports are those of Positano and Amalfi, from which you can also reach the beautiful island of Capri.

By scooter or motorbike

f you already have a good experience on two wheels, then these are the best option if you want to move freely and without too many worries, with the wind in your hair and the sea by your side.